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  • Inverted Apocalipse, 2024

    Inverted Apocalipse, 2024

    Inverted Apocalipse sanded drawing on facade 2024 At the entrance of the exhibition, the mural shows an image found in a Christian evangelization book where it reads “Brazil and the Apocalypse.” The Messianic and eschatological imaginary of the end of the world, originating from the Judeo-Christian tradition, is strongly present in Brazil. Due to its…

  • Carpet, 2024

    Carpet, 2024

    Carpet 2024 sawdust Carpet is an ephemeral memorial dedicated to the entanglement of humans and nature, inspired by Corpus Christi processions. Initiated during the colonization period, the tradition in Brazil is marked by sawdust carpets that color the streets of various cities with floral and religious themes, and celebrate the communion and distribution of the…

  • Union (Sindicate), 2024

    Union (Sindicate), 2024

    Union (Sindicate) 2024 Grafiti, primer, canvas “Union (Syndicate)” is a series of observational drawings made from images found in a botanical encyclopedia and derivations of these images synthesized by corporate AI software. Each set in the series starts with a plant sold as a commodity in one of the main economic cycles of Brazil, such…

  • What time is it?, 2024

    What time is it?, 2024

    What time is it? stones and clock 2024 What time is it? is a series of sculptures of synchronized clocks entangled with stones. The sculptures address the relationship between multiple temporalities. Past, present, future, human time, and natural time appear intertwined in stones that have been drilled to entangle with digital wristwatches. The sculptures create…

  • Angels, 2024

    Angels, 2024

    Angels drawing on paper 2023-24 Angels is a series of observational drawings. Taken from the earliest maps, encyclopedias, and scientific manuals produced during the colonization of the Americas, the project gathers drawings of angels carrying barrels of goods, rulers, and compasses. Anjos addresses the relationship between economic exploitation, science, and religion. ____ Anjos desenho em…

  • Second Nature, 2023

    Second Nature, 2023

    video 10’19’’ The video has as its starting point Genesis, the first book of the Bible. In the story, a primordial human emerges as an exceptional being, separated from his surroundings, and who must “subdue the earth” and “rule over the fish of the sea, the birds of the sky, and all the creatures that…

  • Openings, 2022

    Openings, 2022

    Openings, 2022 video installation 4’20” The “Openings” is a video installation composed of all the opening animations from learning documentaries about Latin America, made by the Office of the Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs (OCIAA), during the Cold War. These films boasted a rhetoric emphasising the inherent cultural commonality between the North and South of the…

  • Eyes and Ears South, 2022

    Eyes and Ears South, 2022

    Mural 2022 Mural made with the inverted graphic art from the article “Eyes and Ears South”, published in the pedagogic booklet “See and Hear”, in 1945, by the Office for Inter-American Affairs. The article speaks about the pedagogic films made by the OOIAA, introducing Latin American countries to US audiences, during the Cold War. This…

  • Night Geography, 2022

    Night Geography, 2022

    2022 video 16’07’’ “Night Geography” is a learning film constructed by the de-assembling and reassembling of pedagogic films about Latin America, made by the US, during the Cold War. These films often used corporate footage to portray the region as a territory of endless resources, open to new ideas of progress and modernity. They boasted…

  • Education Through the Night, 2022 [Exhibition]

    Education Through the Night, 2022 [Exhibition]

    Exhibition at Amant Foundation, NY, USA (July 2-Sept.4 2022) The exhibition reflects on the political and economical relationship between the US and Latin America, from Cold War to the present, through the use of culture as a parapolitical instrument. Taking as starting point pedagogical films about Latin America that were made for schools in…

  • Labor Drawing (New Museum), 2021

    Labor Drawing (New Museum), 2021

    2021 (from the Series Class Drawing, initiated in 2014) Graphite an print  on paper Created for the 2021 Triennial, Labor Drawings (New Museum) (2021) is a group of cartographic line drawings charting the commutes of participating New Museum staff. The New Museum serves as the meeting point for the many individuals who contribute work toward…

  • Felling, 2021

    Felling, 2021

    2021 temporary sculpture  The intervention Felling proposes the deposition of the masts installed at Praça das Bandeiras, at the Biennial Pavilion. The term “derrubada,” in Brazil commonly associated with knocking down trees, appears in the work as a different kind of pruning: originally raised as phallic symbols of national power, the fallen masts are laid…

  • Replicant, 2021

    Replicant, 2021

    2021 whatsapp bot From the election of the far right to the pandemic, global information technology caused an unprecedented impact within the Brazilian context, modifying the social, political and economic space. Replicant takes this context as a starting point from which to reflect on the relationship between technology, politics, economy, space and perception. Through scenarios…

  • Marginal Notes, 2020

    Marginal Notes, 2020

    2020gouache, cardboard, and wood paper “Marginal Notes” consists of a series of gouache paintings of small notes made in the margin of books found in libraries in São Paulo. As an “observation drawing”, the work is made from the compilation, made over the years, from notes made by readers in the margins of books on…

  • Repetitions, 2018

    Repetitions, 2018

    2017-2018 video 16’ “Repetitions” is a work that revisits the first theatre play made against the military coup in 1965, in SP. Through the memory of one of its former actors, Izaias Almada, the video revisits the text and the socio-political context of the play. The original play, “Arena Conta Zumbi” – a musical that…

  • Commodities, 2017

    Commodities, 2017

    Print on paper, and metal 2,5m x 1,5m 2018 The project starts from a collection of photograms of the films produced by the US government about Brazil during the Cold War, by the Office of Inter-American Affairs. These films constituted educational material that presented Brazil to the North American public in school and cultural contexts,…

  • From Figurativism to Abstractionism, 2017

    From Figurativism to Abstractionism, 2017

    2017 video 6’14’’ The video is created as a double of the catalog of the first exhibition of the Museum of Modern Art in São Paulo, “From Figurativism to Abstractionism”, in 1949. Revisiting the exhibition and its context, the video articulates a bridge between art and the political scenario of the Cold War Period. The…

  • Forms of Transition, 2017

    Forms of Transition, 2017

    UV print Intervention at the Memorial da resistência de São Paulo timeline 2017 “Forms of Transition”, consisted of an intervention in the building’s own interior architecture. The Memorial timeline, which systematized information about the history of Modern Brazil and its conflicts, was rarefied in the post-1985 period, after the end of the dictatorship, lacking information,…

  • Tractatus, 2016

    Tractatus, 2016

    2016 inkjet on paper variable dimensions ‘Tractatus’ is a visual analysis of the event in which 23 ministries were nominated by the interim government that replaced that impeached the elected president Dilma Rousseff. On 12th May 2016, the ceremony in Brasilia was televised throughout the whole country. The live streaming was based on a wide-angle…

  • Circle, 2016

    Circle, 2016

  • Plea, 2014

    Plea, 2014

    video 2014 12’57’’  ‘Apelo’ is a project produced in collaboration with Debora Maria da Silva, founding member of Movimento Mães de Maio – a social movement that gathers mothers who lost their sons and daughters due police violence in Brazil’s democratic period. The video was filmed in Cemitério de Perus, where a mass grave from…

  • Class Drawing, 2013-2014

    Class Drawing, 2013-2014

    drawing on paper and informational placard 2013-2014 “Class Drawing” is a series of drawings based on the cartography of the displacement between home and the workplace in SP. The drawings are done in family homes in which at least one maid is hired. The proposal consists in asking the boss to draw, on a sheet…

  • Free Form, 2013

    Free Form, 2013

    2013 video 7’ In 1959, a riot due to working conditions was made in the construction of the new capital of Brazil, Brasilia. The police were called, and thousands of workers were killed. The video is composed of a juxtaposition of interviews made with Lucio Costa and Oscar Niemeyer, the urban planner and the…

  • Lines, 2013

    Lines, 2013

    2013 print on paper serie of 5 prints “Line” is a series of prints that intend to think the line beyond its pure formal and geometrical conceptions. The work investigates the line as a political construction that condensates and materializes structures of power and domination, and as a product of social and economical relations. Passing…

  • Territorial Pissings, 2011

    Territorial Pissings, 2011

    installation urine 2011 2 m x 2m A square shaped by human urine inside the exhibition space. The urine’s fluidity is delimited by the geometric figure of the square, while its smell takes over the whole room, interfering with the observation of the other artworks displayed. Using her own urine, the artist draws a geometrical…

  • Still Life or Study for Vanishing Point, 2011

    Still Life or Study for Vanishing Point, 2011

    9 zinc plates perforated by calibre shots used by the Militar Police steel with bullet holes: 35mm, 38 super, 40mm, 22mm, festim 4.5, calibre 12.42, 12SG, calibre 12.50AE 2011 1,6m X 2,5m 2011 The work is made by metal plaques and bullet holes. The work takes the Museu da Pampulha’s architecture as its starting point,…

  • Discreet, 2011

    Discreet, 2011

    installation videoprojector, car radio, gasoline, speakers, wires 2011

  • Critique of Intangible Assets or Dam, 2010-2013

    Critique of Intangible Assets or Dam, 2010-2013

    Installation Zinc, timber, rail, caster 2010 and 2013 variable dimensions A modular wall made out of steel plaques was constructed inside the exhibition space. The wheels on the upper part of the structure, connected to a single track, allow the manipulation of each part of the wall. By moving the pieces, the public can create…

  • One Million Reais, 2010

    One Million Reais, 2010

    demarcation strip and coin 2010 3m x 3m The installation is composed of white demarcation tape and a coin. The tape, commonly used in museums to keep a safe space for the piece, draws a 3 meters square shape on the floor and the coin is placed standing on the ground in the middle. By…

  • Concrete Labor/Work, 2011

    Concrete Labor/Work, 2011

    cement and shovel 2010 1m x 0,5m

  • Totem, 2011

    Totem, 2011

    sculpture Sickle plastic bag 2011 60cm x 10cm x 10cm

  • Monument, 2011

    Monument, 2011

    sculpture 2010 hoe and manual of financial administration 1m x 0,6m x 0,5m The work consists of displaying a hoe, a typical work instrument used to till the land, to separate the pages of a financial management manual book. The book, ‘Principles of Financial Management’, by Lawrence J. Gitman, 1978, focus on finance theory: Capital…

  • Steal This Piece, 2011

    Steal This Piece, 2011

    sculpture 2011 variable dimension Rectangular marble pieces with the following sentence engraved: “STEAL THIS PIECE”. The pieces were displayed in the corner of the Museu da Pampulha’s ramp, and “offered” to the public. Until the end of the exhibition, the work had completely disappeared. Today the work circulates within peoples house’s and is eventually stolen…

  • Black Flag, 2010

    Black Flag, 2010

    Installation 2010

  • Study for a Monument, 2010

    Study for a Monument, 2010

    Intervention and photo series made in Vale do Anhangabaú, São Paulo 2010

  • ‘Tactical Volumes’: Object nº 1, 2010

    ‘Tactical Volumes’: Object nº 1, 2010

    sculpture 2010 1,7m x 1,5m x 0,80mm bricks, cement, wood, wheels The work consists of a wall on a mobile wooden base. The object can be manipulated by the public, allowing them to obstruct and barricade corridors, passages, doors, and other art works displayed in the exhibition space. 

  • Cube, 2010

    Cube, 2010

    Zinc plates, rivet, baseball bat 2010 variable dimensions The installation is composed of a metallic parallelepiped structure and a baseball bat fixed with a string to the ceiling. The objects are available for public interaction. But once the public engages, they necessarily destroy the work to experience the piece.

  • Billboard (Black Rectangle), 2010

    Billboard (Black Rectangle), 2010

    2010 intervention wood, steel The installation consists of a billboard built into the facade of the house where the artist was doing a residence. The billboard was installed backwards, with the back to the street and the front facing the house. The installation obstructed the windows of the house and invaded the neighbor’s abandoned lot.…

  • Fists, 2010

    Fists, 2010

    photo 2010

  • Abstract Work/Labor, 2010

    Abstract Work/Labor, 2010

    shovel 2010 1m x 0,5m

  • Critique of Separation, 2010

    Critique of Separation, 2010

    sculpture 2010 1m x 60 cm shovel

  • Here You Can Dream, 2009

    Here You Can Dream, 2009

    video  2009 6 min The work consists of a sequential shot in which the artist, little by little, builds a wall that ends up obstructing the painting itself and the landscape. The title, taken from an advertisement for a real estate development near the University where the artist studied and the video was shot, gives…