Felling, 2021


temporary sculpture 

The intervention Felling proposes the deposition of the masts installed at Praça das Bandeiras, at the Biennial Pavilion. The term “derrubada,” in Brazil commonly associated with knocking down trees, appears in the work as a different kind of pruning: originally raised as phallic symbols of national power, the fallen masts are laid out on the ground in a temporary sculpture that questions the preservation of that space, today a relic or latency that refers to the model of “national representations” that for decades shaped the Bienal de São Paulo. The horizontalization of masts raises questions about such borders and the interdependence of these spaces. At the same time, it reworks the hierarchies of contemplation: instead of being seen from below, the masts can now be looked at a new perspective that suggests the possibility of a new social and political order.

Masts before