Still Life or Study for Vanishing Point, 2011

9 zinc plates perforated by calibre shots used by the Militar Police

steel with bullet holes: 35mm, 38 super, 40mm, 22mm, festim 4.5, calibre 12.42, 12SG, calibre 12.50AE 2011 1,6m X 2,5m


The work is made by metal plaques and bullet holes. The work takes the Museu da Pampulha’s architecture as its starting point, using the same metal of its columns. Replicating the Museum da Pampulha it seeks to reflect on the effectiveness of the contradictory modern national project and the instability of this utopia.

In its further circulation, the work varies according to the place where is shown, since the calibres used to produce the piece must be the same that the local police is using at the place of the exhibition. As the work circulates, and it is produce in different places, the series creates a map of the weaponry used around the world, revealing patterns of militarization. By its formal structure of the grid, and the repetition and material alluding to the industrial serialization, the work also bridges the idea of rationalization with power. 

Img: Miguel Aun