Class Drawing, 2013-2014

drawing on paper and informational placard


“Class Drawing” is a series of drawings based on the cartography of the displacement between home and the workplace in SP. The drawings are done in family homes in which at least one maid is hired. The proposal consists in asking the boss to draw, on a sheet of transparent paper placed on top of São Paulo’s map, the path made from their respective home to their workplace. The same is required from the maid, who draws on a different sheet of paper. It is then asked both to write down their salaries on the same sheets. The drawings are shown in pairs. Little parquets containing information and quotes collected during the research are placed alongside. The work reflects on issues of class, at both material and affective levels, the uneven legacies in urban development, and its relationship to the consummation of time and use of space in the city.

Sales Manager


2 daughters

“She is the daughter of a great friend and was out of work, right? When I had my girls, I called her asking if she wanted a job opportunity because I was willing to teach. Since then she lives with our family, we use the same table, and we talk as friends. ”



Friend’s daughter

“Ah, it’s good here. More peaceful than at home. ”