Labor Drawing (New Museum), 2021

2021 (from the Series Class Drawing, initiated in 2014)

Graphite an print  on paper

Created for the 2021 Triennial, Labor Drawings (New Museum) (2021) is a group of cartographic line drawings charting the commutes of participating New Museum staff. The New Museum serves as the meeting point for the many individuals who contribute work toward the Triennial exhibition, recording their movements through the urban landscape, different modes of transportation, and New York City’s infrastructure and history. Alongside her drawings, Ianni displays information culled from surveys regarding participants positions at the museum and commute. Only a few participants answered a question about their income, which is why this information is not included. 

Labor Drawings (New Museum) follows a previous project of Ianni’s titled Class Drawing (2014–present), in which the artist charted the commutes of domestic workers in Brazil alongside those of their employers. Her minimal and carefully hand-drawn lines give form to the multilayered social, economic, and historical relationships that inform conditions of labor, privilege, and exclusion. Articulating both objective and subjective data, Ianni addresses the relationships between participants’ individual experiences and larger social and political contexts.