Critique of Intangible Assets or Dam, 2010-2013


Zinc, timber, rail, caster

2010 and 2013

variable dimensions

A modular wall made out of steel plaques was constructed inside the exhibition space. The wheels on the upper part of the structure, connected to a single track, allow the manipulation of each part of the wall. By moving the pieces, the public can create different combinations of visibility/invisibility in space.
The installation creates a division, a dam or a barricade, that interferes and divides the space, modulating and reflecting it. The title connects financial capital with large development and modernizing infrastructures build in Brazil in the early 2010s.

The installation follows and reflects the architectonic structure of the exhibition space, transforming it into a flexible space according to the combination of the modules.

Concerning its formal composition, the installation takes MAM’s architecture as its starting point. This reflective movement, added to the condition of instability of the relationships generated by the work, intends to problematize the fruition of the very space in which the work is inserted. Moreover, in addition to creating conditions for a critical experience on the part of the public – since the agency of the work necessarily involves the adulteration of space and its power relations -, the installation aims to update the debate around Brazilian modernism and its impasses. Transforming the MAM into a flexible environment, with transitory and provisional characteristics, it seeks to reflect on the effectiveness of the contradictory modern national project and the instability of this utopia.