Second Nature, 2023

video installation

The work investigates the theologico-political idea of nature, under capitalism, and its implications. In a former protest church in the Netherlands, the video connects labor and nature exploitation to think about possibilities of new commons.

How to live after the end? What to do with the tools we have since the world for which they were built radically changed? What to do with a saw without wood?

“Second Nature” is a long-term project that sprouts in the encounter of two exhaustions, the human and the environmental, and tries to imagine how to live after it. How to regenerate. How to resurrect.

Eschatology, messianism, dystopia, apocalypse. When an old world is dying, and the new world struggles to be born: now is the time of monsters. But it is also the moment to imagine and pre-enact different forms of living. Different forms of living that do not reproduce the dynamics we already know.

In the initial chapter of this long-term project, I explore these discussions through the allegory of the Genesis. Connecting environmental and human extractivism, by bridging labor and nature exploitation, the project seeks to expand our notion of commons, playing with the Judeo-Christian myth of origin to imagine a regeneration based on comradeship and mutual aid.